The difference between success and failure can be a matter of milliseconds. Research shows that after four seconds, 25% of visitors have already given up on your site. But on average, web shops are taking longer and longer to load, with recent data putting average page load time at 8.56 seconds for a web shop.

But it's not just web shops that benefit from high-speed loading. Speed and brand reputation correspond closely - a slow site can take the shine off its design. Whether you've worked with us for your website's design or you have a great design you're already happy with, talk to us about our 'hands off hosting' options.

Shared Hosting

We can offer you low-cost hosting on our private cloud. Your app and data will be isolated from other customers, but will share computing resources. In case your app does not 'play nicely' with others, we may require you to make changes to avoid being limited, or we may ask you to upgrade your plan.

Highly Available Hosting

If shared hosting fits your needs, but you need resilience and load-balancing, we can provision multiple instances of your site/app within our private cloud.

Private Cloud Hosting

Your needs are complex, and you need resilience and performance? Or you have multiple related apps, services, or websites that you need to keep up and running? We can build you a private cloud with your own swarm of servers. Following a discussion, we can architect a solution for you designed to provide the best possible service to fit your budget. Edge Network Hosting

For many types of site, this type of hosting is highly available, cost-effective, and extremely performant. In this model, your site is deployed to a Content Distribution Network, which brings your site almost to your customer's front door. The Edge Network is resilient, meaning in case of a major outage in one region, traffic will be automatically diverted, ensuring your site stays up.

Currently, there are edge servers available in:

  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Paris (France)
  • Cleveland (US)
  • Dublin (Ireland)
  • São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Washington DC (US)
  • Seoul (South Korea)
  • London (UK)
  • Portland (US)
  • San Francisco (US)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Sydney (Australia)

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