About Us

Traist Web Services is a digital consultancy firm building exceptional user experiences for small to medium businesses.

We believe every client is unique and presents unique opportunities, but typically, we recommend React on the front-end, backed by Node on the back end. We love Next.js for ease of use and built in iteration and speed enhancements, as well as their integration with the Vercel platform.

We've build things with a variety of content management systems, such as Wordpress, which powers almost 40% of the web, and newer challengers such as OctoberCMS and Apostrophe. With new tools such as Next and Gatsby, it's becoming easier and easier to integrate with existing content, wherever it lives.

Perhaps you're already using tools like Airtable, Trello, or Sharepoint? Why add complexity? We can build sites and applications that use your existing tools as a backend wherever that makes sense—and we'll help you determine when it does.